We always strive to do more...

Coramed is a private medical centre established in Wrocław in 2014. Our specialised team are medical doctors with impressive achievements and experience. We take care not only about health condition, but also about well-being of our patients and their loved ones. The clinic's name: COR (heart) and A MED (and medicine) exactly reflect our philosophy. We have created a clinic, where a medical doctor always devotes as much time to a patient as it is needed. Our doctors thoroughly learn the patient's case story and, if necessary, consult other medical specialists.

We have equipped our clinic with state of the art medical devices: beginning with meeting the highest European standards sterilisation room, through the newest generation XION laparoscope, ultrasonograph, to fractional laser EMERGE, the only in Lower Silesia device for silhouette shaping - MAXIMUS and many others. Our clinic is located in a recently renovated building, in a green and peaceful area, on ul. Olszewskiego 58.

Provided services: plastic, reconstructive and minimally invasive, same-day (outpatient) surgery including: gynaecology, aesthetic gynaecology, vascular surgery, general surgery. We put a lot of emphasis on the procedures of little invasiveness involving laparoscopic and endoscopic devices, as their application in treatment therapies increases patient's comfort and significantly shortens recovery time.



Our continuous motivation is the greatest concern and diligence in patient care.

Therefore, in accordance with the expectations of patients and doctors, we created an innovative and modern clinic that combines many years of experience of medical personnel and technologies of tomorrow for patients of all ages. Our holistic approach puts together sensitivity of medical traditions with the opportunities offered by modern science and technology.
We want our patients to feel comfortably and safe.

CORAMED Clinic is a place, where all personnel, using their best knowledge, experience and empathy, treat people with a human touch.


(from Latin: always towards better things)

We treat our motto as our mission, so that all actions we undertake are done even better, constantly improving methods of treatment and treatment procedures. And so our experience serves most of all our Patients, doctors and other cooperating people.

Better than earlier in the past, better than yesterday, better than others...