About us

Coramed is a private medical centre established in Wrocław in 2014. Our specialised team are medical doctors with impressive achievements and experience. The clinic's name: COR (heart) A MED (and medicine) exactly reflect our founding philosophy - patients receive not only efficient and professional care, but also attention, support and compassion. We have created a clinic, where a medical doctor always devotes as much time to a patient as it is needed. The doctor thoroughly familiarises with the patient's medical history and, if it is necessary, consults other specialists.
We have equipped our clinic with state of the art medical devices: beginning with meeting the highest European standards sterilisation room, through the newest generation XION laparoscope, ultrasonograph, to fractional laser EMERGE, the only in Lower Silesia device for silhouette shaping - MAXIMUS and many others. Our clinic is located in a recently renovated building, in a green and peaceful area, on ul. Olszewskiego 58.


Treatments provided within our specialized medical care units


The range of offered treatments involves one-day surgery of little invasiveness, including:

  • general surgery
  • gynaecology
  • aesthetic gynaecology
  • laryngology
  • plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • vascular surgery

We put a lot of emphasis on the procedures of little invasiveness involving laparoscopic and endoscopic devices, as their application in treatment therapies increases patient's comfort and significantly shortens recovery time.

We also provide a full scope of dermatology, aesthetic dermatology, cosmetology, rehabilitation, dietetics and psychological care.