Maximus™ TriLipo

Maximus is the most complex, non-invasive aesthetic medicine device dedicated for the improvement of the appearance and skin condition as well as for body shaping, reduction of adipose tissue and cellulite.


Dermapen is a device equipped with 11 oscillating microscopic needles of a 0.02 mm diameter, introducing active preparations applied in mesotherapy. The depth of micro punctures depends on the treated area and individual indications.


If you have no success in the fight against scars or stretch marks, you want to improve the skin tone or restore its younger appearance, learn more about Palomar Emerge™ fractional laser.


GeneO™ is a breakthrough technology, introduced by Pollogen, enabling simultaneous exfoliation (removal of dead skin cells from the skin surface), maximum skin oxygenation and absorption of active ingredients revitalising the skin.


Autoclave Vacuklav 24 BL+

Vacuklav 24 BL+ is a class "B" autoclave according to the European standard EN 13060. The device has been classified by its manufacturer as class PRO autoclave, therefore among professional applications of steam sterilizators.

HD video registration system

It's a key application for the use of the latest technology developments in the operating room. Telemedicine is the most dynamically developing branch of telecommunication and information technologies, applied in modern health care facilities.

Getinge WD15 Claro

Getinge WD15 Claro is a fast and high-capacity washer-disinfector that can load up to 6-DIN trays. It is perfectly suited for wards, clinics and dental practices.

LPG® Mechano-stimulation (soon)

With the micro-impulses, the Lift heads (patented by LPG) create a wave of tissue that delicately stimulates the skin. Depending on the frequency at which the Lift valves pulse (4, 8, or 16 pulses per second) and the chosen suction strength, the Lift heads generate different degree of stimulations.

Professional PST (soon)

PST is an innovative treatment modality for musculoskeletal conditions with main symptoms such as pain and limited motor skills.