Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the price of the treatment I am interested in?

All prices for the treatments provided by our Clinic are available in the section Prices - Payments for medical services. It is also possible to obtain such information by calling +48 519 077 919 or +48 71 330 72 36. The price list prices for surgical and medical treatments are approximate. The final price is fixed after medical consultation. 

What documents and test results should I bring with me before the surgery?

Patients should provide any medical documents concerning recent medical treatments (from the previous year), actual laboratory tests ordered by the medical doctor during initial consultation, blood type and an ID card.

What should I take to the Clinic when I arrive for my treatment?

You should have your toiletries, dressing gown, footwear to change into.

How should I prepare before my surgery?

Patients are required to restrain from eating for 12 hours, and from drinking for 6 hours, prior to their procedure.

Do I need a day off for my treatment with dermal filler?

In most cases, there are no negative visible effects after hyaluronic acid or botulin toxin fillers immediately following the treatment - therefore patients may resume their work right after the procedure.

What is no needle mesotherapy?

No needle mesotherapy is a modern, non-invasive method of active substances transportation into the deeper layers of the skin using ultrasound, electrical field and electroportation technique. Ultrasound-induced magnetic field allows for non-invasive introduction of active ingredients into the skin cells. The pulses transiently permeabilize cell membrane, while the cell itself is enhanced to more effective absorption of active substances. No needle mesotherapy is dedicated for reduction of cellulite, stretch marks, scars, flabby skin, and also for skin rejuvenation, nutrition and anti-ageing prevention. The active substances applied during the procedure are matched to individual needs of every patient.

Can I go to work on the next day after EMERGE procedure? What will be the condition of my skin?

Immediately after the session some patients may experience skin redness and irritation. It is a natural skin reaction to laser beam treatment and does not cause patient's withdrawal from regular activities.

What is DERMAPEN treatment and how often should it be performed?

Dermapen is a precise micro needle mesotherapy. It causes less pain, less harm to the skin, while it gives more spectacular results. Thanks to its effectiveness, simplicity and comfortable treatment procedure both doctors and patients can enjoy the effects of Dermapen therapy without unwanted side effects. Dermapen allows for the introduction of active substances into deeper layers of the skin, which is based on automatic skin piercing with pulsing needles. The procedure is definitely more comfortable for the patient, while precision of the device is incomparably more effective than traditional methods applied in mesotherapy treatments. The effects of Dermapen therapy are, for example, wrinkle softening, reduction of acne and post-accident scars, stretch marks, redensification of flabby skin.
We recommend a series of 4-6 treatments every 3 weeks.

How should I prepare for a cosmetology treatment?

There are no necessary preparations. Our qualified staff of cosmetologists will take care of your demake-up before the procedure, therefore you do not have to do it on your own.

What is cavitation peeling and what effects can I expect after this treatment?

Cavitation peeling is a non-invasive method of deep skin cleansing. I might be an alternative to traditional, manual facial cleansing. The procedure is performed with a device emitting ultrasound, which, upon contact with moist skin, causes cavitation. The water on the skin surface forms gas microbubbles which burst suddenly under the influence of ultrasound, stimulating exfoliation of dead epidermis cells. Cavitation peel not only treats the condition of our complexion but also improves general skin appearance. The procedure stimulates microcirculation, removes the layer of dead skin cells from the epidermis and eliminates excessive sebum from the skin surface. It is safe for sensitive or allergy-prone skin and also for the skin with dilated capillaries. Besides, cavitation is successfully applied in patients with oily skin and acne, as a non-invasive skin cleansing method.


  • thorough removal of skin impurities and dead skin cells
  • elimination of blackheads, bacteria and toxic substances
  • skin regeneration
  • stimulation of microcirculation
  • reduction of dark, puffy skin under the eyes
  • enhancement of skin to natural regeneration
  • acceleration of cell metabolism - toxin elimination
  • reduction of scars and whitening of discolouration
  • minimising skin pores
  • deep hydration, oxygenation and rejuvenation obtained by micro-massage
  • improved ion exchange
  • enhancement of collagen and elasticin synthesis
  • refreshment


Can I pay with my credit card or in instalments?

Yes. It is possible to pay with credit card. Our patients may also settle all necessary formalities to apply for instalment payment system in our Clinic.